The lawyer in dress

In the exercise of their judicial functions, lawyers wear the costume of their profession, called the lawyer's dress.

These dresses are mostly made to measure and are, nowadays, made in different fabrics (which hold more or less hot!).

Here is what the costume of the profession of lawyer consists of:

– the black dress with buttons (traditionally 13 as on a cassock)

– the epitome: for information, Parisian lawyers, according to an ancient custom, wear an epitoge without ermine (it will, however, be sealed during the oath, when pleading in the provinces, before the Assize Court or during a formal hearing of the Court of Appeal). The 12 secretaries of the conference also wear the epitoge with white fur. The President and members of the Council of the Order of Paris, during their term of office, but also the provincial lawyers, also carry an epitoge hermine.

Thus, in Seine-Saint-Denis, we wear an epitoge with ermine.

– the flap: it is the small white part that comes out of the dress, on the front, at the top and in the middle

– a toque: however, it is no longer used and now refers only to the box in the cloakroom lawyers.

– white gloves: which are no longer used – additional accessories can be added, such as the white bowtie during the oath (like the one worn by Dominique de Villepin during his recent oath) .

Just be aware that costumes worn by magistrates, prosecutors, clerks and bailiffs can sometimes, for uninitiated, look like lawyers' dresses and that it is often only a few details that differentiate them.

As far as fares are concerned, at least 300 euros are required for a lawyer's dress, which represents an investment for a junior lawyer who has just been sworn in.

Some lawyers are convinced that one dies in his third dress (and that therefore must maximize the first 2 profitable!) …

That's it, you now know everything (or almost) about avocado dresses!